Windsor County Highpoint Trip Report

Gillespie Peak (3,366 ft)

Date: May 14, 2006
Author: Chris Gilsdorf

After the previous day’s soggy climb of Belknap Mountain (Belknap NH), this hike was downright pleasant in comparison.

Nothing much new to add -- we climbed in a combination of mist and light rain in the clouds from Brandon Gap. It took 0:40 to Mt. Horrid, 1:00 to Cape Lookout, and 1:45 to the signed summit of Gillespie. The final approach went over the previously mentioned bump, coming steeply up to the ridgeline from the west. High ground was obvious, just next to the trail and sign.

Lots of what I took to be moose scat, which seemed to increase as we neared the summit; no sign of any fauna.

Hiking statistics: Round trip distance 6.6 miles; 1,800 feet total elevation gain; 1:45 up and 1:30 down.