Adams County High Point Trip Report

area 1/8th mile west of Stockman Benchmark 2094 (2,100 ft)

Date: February 23, 2003
Authors: Barney and Sammy Metz

We approached this COHP from the East on Interstate 90 from Spokane, WA. You will take the Sprague exit and head south on WA 23. About a 1/4 of mile from the Interstate you will have to take a series of side streets to end up on the main street of Sprague, which is First Street. There is one little downtown section and the whole town can be viewed from the Interstate. We headed west on First Street, which turns into Max Harder Road, continue west on this road, and you will cross the Lincoln-Adams County line and the road changes to Danekas Road. Sprague Lake should be to your north as you travel west on First Street/Max Harder Road/Danekas Road. You will approach the intersection with Wellsandt Road and you can see the COHP off to the southwest, the real slight crest of land. The intersection of Danekas and Wellsandt is BM 1965. We traveled west farther on Danekas Road and parked near the BM 1970.

Note: There are no good parking spaces.

We just pulled to the shoulder of the road and hiked south from there. We headed for the smaller and more westerly of the two draws due south from BM 1970. You will cross one barbed wire fence into a cattle- grazing ground with quite a collection of junk. You will then hit a second barbed wire fence and cross into a field that is fallow. We crossed this field and went up the smaller and more westerly of the two draws. It is left in natural foliage of grass. Upon topping out, you will hit another field, which was planted with spring wheat, and you need to cross to the slight southwest to the area of 2100 feet. It is possible at this time of the year to walk on the furrows and not disturb or break the planted crop. We formed a grid and tramped out the area of the contour.

Another possible candidate is southeast of the 2100-foot contour near the "stockman" BM. We went over formed a grid and tramped this one. Sammy lost one of his gloves in the very cold windy winter afternoon. No BMs were found, we believe because this field is being worked. Also there is a service road near the "stockman" BM, which has the remains of an old deer shelter. We left no trace other than the glove and headed back to the car.

Round trip was less than 40 minutes. Note this is private property. I believe the farmhouse in charge of this section of land is farther west on the Danekas Road.

Trip statistics: 1 mile roundtrip hiking, 170 ft elevation gain.