Clallam County High Point Trip Report

Gray Wolf Ridge (7218 ft)

Date: July 8, 1998
Author: Ken Jones

From the vicinity of Sequim Bay State Park, follow signs from US 101 leading toward "Dungeness Trail." After a while (half an hour or so? I wasn't driving and didn't keep a road log) you'll be on USFS 8620 at a sign indicating that the Dungeness Trail is 2 miles further on the main (left) fork. Take the nearly unsigned (small post indicates 8620-120) right fork to its end.

You can follow the old road as it switchbacks 1.7 miles, or look for an unmarked connector trail on the right about 200 yards past the first big creek crossing. In either case, you will end up where the old road turns sharply left around a ridge at about 3550 feet. Here the unmarked "Upper Maynard Burn Trail" goes more or less straight up the ridge to about 5400 feet, then into a meadow (this trail is not on the USGS map, but is on the locally produced "Custom Correct" and "Green Trails" map series). For efficiency, leave the trail and go up the ridge to Baldy, then it's an up-and-down ridge run to Gray Wolf Ridge's summit at 7218'. We went out into the stunningly gorgeous meadow on the way up - it's a bit longer, but the flowers were worth it.

Estimated gain: 4100' net (but who cares), 5500' total RT.

In detail - Car: 3200';
Mueller Creek: 3140';
Summit area of Baldy: 6800';
Saddle on way to 6527': 6340';
Traverse 6527' at: 6480';
Saddle on way to summit: 6260';
Summit: 7218'

Gain in = (6800-3140) + (6480-6340) + (7218-6260) = 4758 (+/-)
Gain out = (6480-6260) + (6800-6340) + (3200-3140) = 740

Giving a total, for a successful round trip, of just about 5500'.