Cowlitz County High Point Trip Report

Goat Mountain

Date: November 8, 1998
Author: Ken Jones

I tried to attack from the road in the eastern part of Section 21, but found a major washout at Fossil Creek. So I backtracked to the road junction in the NE corner of Section 32. This was gated, and posted as closed between 10/1 and 11/30; as I recall it would have been drive-able. I parked.

I walked up the road past two switchbacks to where it is marked on the quad as a 4WD route - it does deteriorate here. Just up the route, where it turns left (NNW) I headed directly up the ridge to the higher road above. This ridge was probably the crux technically (class 2 and loose; there were some old ropes tied to trees which you can use as a handhold if you trust them). The upper road was badly overgrown where I met it. I followed it to the saddle just SW of point 3425'. (I would have driven to this point if the road were fixed; you might be able to.) Here I left the road and followed a foot path and occasional flagging ribbons most of the way to the south summit (4965'). Some route-finding skills helped, especially on a gray, viewless day, but it was obvious I wasn't the first person to pass that way. The route stayed toward the southern end of the mountain for the first 1000' or so of gain. From the southern summit I scrambled on steep, wet and snowy slopes to the north summit, which may be higher. Do both.

On the return, I stopped near the south summit for lunch. I looked up during the meal, and saw a northern pygmy-owl perched eight feet over my head. We watched each other for a while; it was still there when I left.

Total hike from my parking spot was about 6 miles and 1750' gain.