Douglas County High Point Trip Report

Badger Mountain (4,254 ft)

Date: May 26, 2003
Authors: Bob Bolton and Dean Molen

On Memorial Day 2003, we met at a convenience store in Orondo and drove toward Waterville on US 2. After climbing up over the pass and starting back down toward Waterville, we took the first road to the right (south). This road is dirt but is well graded and smooth. This road Ts on the paved Badger Mountain road, where we turned right and followed it for several miles, ascending up to the tower farm at the 5-way intersection. From here the road trends southwest, and just after a swing around to the west is the junction with the private Hummingbird Road. We turned right here, then drove north until the GPS was pointing due west at the HP, turning west at the next opportunity. There are lots of "For Sale" signs, which removed much of the anxiety from driving the private road among the many shanties and junky yards.

We continued on to the west, following a couple of ups and downs until we came to an intersection that has a small shack and trailer on the left in the southwest quadrant. Here we continued west, ascending a hill on a rough road which could be driven in the Honda. Bob got out of the car on a couple of occasions and removed rocks that threatened the Honda's oil pan. Using two GPS units to zero in on the coordinates we had picked up from Topozone, we drove to within yards of the highpoint. A little post and metal sign indicates the location of the SKI BM. We took lat/lon and elevation readings on the GPS units.

Looking to the west, we could see the 2nd candidate mentioned by Trapper Robbins in his report, an area containing a barn and a camper shell. The road remained somewhat rough but very passable. It was obvious that there hadn't been anyone around in some time so we crawled through the gate and made our way to the back of the property to find the high spot noted by Trapper. Before long, the highpoint was realized and we again took GPS readings, which indicated that we were about 10 feet lower than the SKI BM, which tempted us to conclude that the SKI BM is indeed the HP.

The reward for visiting the second area was a wonderful view of the Cascades to the west, as well as north to Glacier Peak and south to Mt. Rainier, although it was hazy and not clear enough for sharp photos. There was also a great view down to the Columbia River.

The third candidate to the south with the towers, 4243 ft, was obviously lower, so it wasn't worth the time and wear and tear on the poor Honda to make our way over to it.