Douglas County Highpoint Trip Report

Badger Mountain (4,254 ft)

Date: October 30, 2004
Author: Ken Russell

This one was a drive-up, even for my Honda Civic but it is not completely without risks. I came in via the road just west of the 5-way intersection. This road should lead you directly to the shack and trailer intersection mentioned by Bob Bolton and Dean Molen and if you continue straight ahead (west) on the sagebrush track, the BM is easy to find.

When I told my golf partner where I was going, he told me about some personal experience with this highpoint neighborhood. His construction business had a large, flat-bed trailer stolen. A year later it was discovered by the Douglas County Sheriff in a raid near the shack/trailer intersection. The Sheriff advised him that the neighborhood was too dangerous to retrieve the trailer himself and recommended a local "go between" to bring the trailer to a safe location.

I had no trouble and the two residents I saw paid no attention to me, so take the story for what you will.