Franklin County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 25, 2001
Author: Barney Metz

The easiest starting point is on Highway 260, 261. This stretch of highway runs between Washtucna and Kahlotus, Washington. Heading north on this road, I took a right at Nunamaker Road. The sign warns of primitive road, but it can easily be traveled in the family sedan. Travel one mile south to a farm, several outbuildings. There was no one at home and I question the activity of the farm as all the fields were fallow. It is harvest around here now and it looks as if none of the fields have been worked this year. I knocked at the house and did not get an answer, so I proceeded on the road shown both on Delorme maps and USGS topomaps. The road is easily traveled until you head south up the draw. On your topo map, you can easily trace this road following the base of the hill and then turning and heading south. I did not proceed very far up this draw before I felt it was time to park. All told, it was 2.0 miles from the farmhouse.

From there I headed SE a very short distance to the contour circle of 500 meters. I hand sighted to the contour circle of 485 meters to the west and to the contour circle of 480 just slightly to the north and I feel the 500 meter contour circle is the highest. I tramped the ground in the 500-meter contour circle and then walked down and across the draw and over to the 485 contour circle and tramped it also just to relieve my conscience.