Franklin County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 23, 2001
Author: Jeff Howbert

The high point of Franklin County turns out to have a respectable amount of prominence: 165 m = 541 ft. It seems to have fallen out of cultivation since John Roper was there. The last quarter-mile of the road had some potentially wheel-swallowing ruts and hood-high drifts of tumbleweeds. I gave up about 200 yards from road's end and hoofed it cross country. Most of the way up was dense stands of cheet grass (the stuff that sheds pointy seeds which work painfully into your socks, porcupine-quill like) and tumbleweeds (scratchy on bare legs). The landowner (Dale Ross?), who was hard at work moving pallets in a shed, was very friendly and cooperative, even though he thinks we're mildly nuts. He's had about 8 county highpoint baggers visit in the last 5 years.