Franklin County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 10, 2001
Author: Dale Millsap

Thanks to John Roper and Barney Metz for good trip reports. From north 260, I took a right on Nunamaker Road. The road goes through a culvert tunnel under the railroad and around to a farm on the left, approximately 1 mile. I knocked at the house and looked for other signs of life in several buildings. It looked inhabited, but I found nobody, so I proceeded up the dirt road by the airplane hangar (small yellow Piper Cub (?) inside). It looks like they had a bumper crop of tumbleweed this year. There were soggy piles of them literally three feet deep covering the road. They were, of course, no match for the rental Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I found the road to be in excellent condition around the hill, but some ruts developed going up the draw mentioned by Barney. The road actually goes all the way to the top of the draw, and a primitive track swung left and around to the HP. The Cherokee had no trouble making it.

Got out, walked around, got my feet very muddy, checked in a pile of tumbleweed to see if, by chance, there was a register (no luck). About 2.3 miles from the farmhouse.