Garfield County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 31, 2007
Author: Eric Noel

This report is to point out an exceedingly obscure and pretty much irrelevant detail in regards to the COHP of Garfield WA. As listed in Andy Martin's fine guide and, as common knowledge would have it, the COHP is either Diamond Peak (6,379 feet) or a spot just a shade to the northwest at 6,360+ feet.

However, there is an additional 6,360+ foot contour on Mount Misery. Given the size of the contour and the fact that a slightly larger contour exists with a spot elevation to the west, one would guess that this is likely lower than that 6,366 foot spot and virtually certain to be lower than the other two spots which are at least 6,379 feet. Nonetheless, it is at least plausible no matter how unlikely given the map that this is the HP.

topo chart

[Editorís note: Andy Martinís listing is updated to add one area 1/4 mile east of Mount Misery.]