Grant County High Point Trip Report

spot elevation (2,899 ft)

Date: July 20, 2002
Author: Barney Metz

This CoHP is rather easy and boring except for the possibilities of snakes and we did this during the heat of the day in the middle of summer. Yikes!! None-the-less, we spotted no snakes and the highpoint was easy, although you may want to grid this off and thoroughly tramp the ground. I wouldn't rule out tramping Devil BM 2885 feet also. It appears lower, but better safe than sorry.

Go to the town of Ephrata, Washington and head West on 1st Avenue NW which will turn into Sagebrush Flats Road. Follow this to 19 NW and turn left heading south. It turns from paved to gravel here. Next turn will be a right and heading west on Overen road. We never did see "J NW." Follow this up and down road for several miles to the very large power lines. This is your travel marker. We proceeded up to the ridge past the power lines and pulled off the road on a side road. This saddle and side road where we parked is 0.2 mile from the power lines and Overen Road cross.

Adam Helman and myself hiked up to Devil BM 2885 feetand did not find the BM. We then hiked the flat ridge west to the highpoint of Grant County. It is a large flat spot that will have several possibilities, so thoroughly tramp the area. We never saw a gate or any of the signs that Trapper Robbins mentions, but I believed we parked up high than he did in the saddle. I would recommend this CoHP in the winter as it should be good access and no snakes.

Trip statistics: two miles round-trip with 150 feet of elevation gain.