Grant County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: March 14, 2004
Author: Ken Russell

I entered Quincy from the south on SR 281. If you stay on the same street and exit out the north side of town, the road turns into Overen Road. It winds over the top of the first ridge and down into the valley beyond. At the bottom of the valley you first go right and then left after a hundred yards or so. Overen follows up the drainage, tending northeast. Watch for road signs. Where the road reaches its highest point (just before the power lines) I pulled off into the beginning of a rough road on the left side.

I parked and hiked up the track to the top of the low ridge and then left to where the Devil BM should be. I could see the actual highpoint to the west and headed that way. There is a fence that runs along the ridge top and on the north side of it is a dirt track that takes the shortest route to the highpoint. You still have to climb under or over one more fence to get to the correct spot.

Weather was warm but the wind was blowing at least 30mph. As others have said, views in all directions. Moses Coulee to the north was interesting with its black basalt walls.

Following the track back to the east, I found that there was a barbed wire style gate in the fence just above where I had parked. If you use it, make sure it's closed behind you.