Grant County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 5, 2008
Author: Edward Earl

On US-2, exactly halfway between Waterville and Coulee City (20 miles from each), I turned S on paved Moses Coulee Rd. The junction is in the middle of an elongated long valley with sheer cliffs on both sides, and the scenery is more characteristic of AZ, NM, or UT than of WA. Zero your odometer here. At 9.7 miles I crossed a cattle guard with decorative "basalt columns" on both sides. At 12.1 miles, I passed underneath giant power lines near a farmhouse. At 14.6 miles, I turned R (S) on Road J NW.

From this point until you park your car, the road is well-graded gravel and suitable for any street legal vehicle. At 15.4 miles, I turned R (W) on Overen Road. At 19.7 miles I passed under giant power lines (the same one encountered at 12.1 miles), and shortly thereafter at 20.0 miles, I parked where the road topped out at a saddle.

From here it is a short 0.4 mile walk NW through sagebrush to 2885' Devil TP, which I located just S of a fenceline, then 0.5 mile walk mostly on an unmapped road to the 2899' HP.

Total RT was 50 minutes, 2 miles, 200' elev gain.