Island County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 5, 2000
Author: Bill Schuler

I drove onto Camano Island for the five 580' points of Island County.

Driving onto the island on Hwy. 532 you come to a Y at a big Gateway sign. Keep left heading southwest on East Camano Drive. In 1.3 miles you come to Cross Island Road junction. Turn right. In 1.5 miles, Sequoia Place comes in on the left. Park at the junction of Cross Island and Sequoia.

Backtrack 0.1 mile and head south into the woods, quartering to assure the high point. Back at the main road, cross and climb the slope immediately north. You go over 1 bump and find another ahead and slightly left crossing an old track. Head northeast from there, bushwhacking across a creek to an obvious high area. The fifth area is along the creek on the southwest side but it is not obvious. Just go up and down the drainage until you're sure you've got it. All five points are within a 0.5 mile radius of your car.

A shower made the quest interesting and my pants wet. I headed west to Madrona Beach and dried out in the sunshine.