Kitsap County Highpoint Trip Report

Gold Mountain

Date: May 31, 2008
Author: Ryan Courtney

Previous reports are great. Emerging from the forest onto the unmapped logging road, I had spectacular views of the Olympics and later the Sound, helped by the clear cut. As I approached the first communications complex (do not visit guard on duty), I passed a guy descending on his bicycle. At the summit area I visited all three candidates mentioned in the Gilliland/Bolton report, even though there is no reason to doubt that the benchmark is the highpoint. I ascended the mossy knoll last. There is currently a geocache under the stump.

On my return trip I caught a brief sight of two people on dirt bikes in the area above the road near that first tower complex. I didn't see them again.

One possible note: At the trailhead there are two trails, both marked "trail" with no destination. The north trail, which I took on my first visit, leads you towards the marsh between Green and Gold. Just before you get to the footbridge, there is a trail to the right that I didn't even notice. It is marked "trail" coming in the opposite direction, noted on my hike back. This spur off the northern trail heads up through the clear cut to, I would assume, meet up with the southern trail once it gets into the forest but this is not verified. The trail at the south end of the parking lot, which is the one that splits early as mentioned in Edward Earl’s report, leads straight through the clear cut and into the forest.