Kitsap County High Point Trip Report

Gold Mountain

Date: August 1, 2001
Author: Bill Jacobs

The primary approaches to Gold Mountain pass through watershed lands belonging to the City of Bremerton. Their attitude toward eco-terrorists, highpointers, and other threats is a rather unwelcome warning of surveillance equipment and promising incarceration if captured. Previous write-ups have suggested passage through this area, however, below is an alternative routing that skirts Bremerton's jurisdiction and is free of access denial signs.

Traveling north on Highway 16 exit at Highway 3/Shelton which dumps onto Sam Christopherson Road. Continue on this road for about a mile crossing Highway 3. Turn left onto Belfair Road and after 4.9 miles turn right onto Minnard Road just after crossing Union Creek. Travel along this road for 1.8 miles before running into a locked gate and continue the remainder of the way on foot.

Although the topo maps indicate otherwise, this route links with the primary road used to gain access to the top of Gold Mountain. Near the top, the road splits and goes to two separate highpoints a few hundred yards apart. While relying only on Topozone, I was unable to discern which was highest and went to both to be certain the highest point was reached. Both points have the usual tower complexes but the highest point at each is outside the fences.