Lincoln County High Point Trip Report

Lilienthal Mountain (3,568 ft)

Date: July 20, 2002
Author: Barney Metz

Adam Helman and myself approached from the north on WA 25 through Fort Spokane. This is a very popular water recreation area with the merging of the Columbia and Spokane Rivers. We tried to find a route from the information that John Roper had, however, after making the summit, I would not recommend going the way that we did, but by the following. I would head west off WA-25 on Conrad road and drive the road until you can spot the top of Lilienthal. I would park on the road and head north in a direct line as best as possible. It should be a shorter distance and maybe some less elevation and significantly less private property.

We went west through the town of Miles and drove as far as we could on the north side of the mountain. We were stopped once and asked if we had permission to be up there. There seems to be a menagerie of landowners and no one has any idea of who should be up there or not. We parked in a cutout on the north side about 1/3 mile away from spot elevation 2281T. This road is gated due to a hunting cooperative.

We bushwhacked up and south from our parking spot towards spot elevation 3209 feet and gained our bearings. Before we reached the summit, we proceeded east and dropped into the saddle between Lilienthal and summit 3209. John Roper lists this summit as Li'l Lilienthal although we could not find that name on any maps that we had; topo or Delorme. From here, hike the ridge to the top. For a little bump, this was more difficult from the north than what I would suspect would be the easier approach from the southern route described above.

There is a BM and a sign at the top. No register was found.

Trip statistics: Eight miles round-trip with 1,300 feet of elevation gain.