Lincoln County High Point Trip Report

Lilienthal Mountain (3,568 ft) on page 87 DeLorme WA state Atlas

Date: March 8, 2003
Author: Bob Bolton

From the Adams County HP, we drove back to the Tokio Road exit on I-90, crossed over the freeway, then turned west, still on Danekas Road. After a short distance, we turned right on Hills Road and drove to Harrington. When we got to Harrington we turned left on SR23, followed the signs to SR28, then turned right (eastbound) on SR28 toward Davenport. At Davenport, we turned right on US2, drove through town, then on the east side of town turned north on SR25. At the turn-off to Porcupine Bay the highway makes a 90-degree turn to the west, then angles gradually back to the north with a great view of Lilienthal Mountain, then makes another 90-degree turn to the west. Soon after this second left turn we turned right on the gravel Egypt Loop Road and followed it north toward Lilienthal Mountain. Where this road makes probably a 135-degree turn to the left (the nearest it gets to Lilienthal Mountain), we turned right on Bozeel Road.

There were many "No Trespassing" signs along the fences beside this road, so it wasn't looking promising but then we came to an open gate and found a familiar "Take One" box with information about a land sale, so we took one and drove on. Beyond that gate there were no signs posted or even any fences to post them on. Just before the road turned east down toward the Spokane River we found a dirt road going uphill on the left. This road doesn't appear on either or in DeLorme. It looked to be leading up into a draw on the east flank of Lilienthal. The road was passable in the Honda, but at one point the surface was too loose for the steepness and we couldn't keep traction, so we backed down and parked.

The GPS said the summit was 0.7 mile to the west. My altimeter watch read 2,840 feet, but later I adjusted it down about 300 feet to match my GPS, so we started out around 1,000 feet below the summit (I failed to check the GPS elevation at the car).

We hiked up the draw along the road for some distance, then up onto the ridge to the north and straight to the summit. It was a beautiful day, but the lack of snow was astounding. The mountains north, west, and east had snow on them, however probably not anywhere near their normal amounts.