Lincoln County High Point Trip Report

Lilienthal Mountain (3,568 ft)

Date: April 9, 2004
Author: Ken Russell

I followed Bob Bolton's instructions to get to Bozeel Road. As an additional note, the turn off to Egypt Loop Road is right across from the Squat and Gobble Antique Shop. The gate that Bob found open was now closed, locked, and had "KEEP OUT" freshly painted on it. I decided to park at the borrow pit and go from there.

I walked north up a draw and then continued on the road that shows on the quad map. This road has recently been extended all the way to the summit and some sort of antenna is being installed. At intersection number 1, around the 3,000 foot level, go to the left. At intersection number 2, go to the right. At intersection 3, go straight ahead.

On the way back down, I followed the cat tracks left by the buried cable crew, straight down from near intersection 3 to near intersection 1.