San Juan County High Point Trip Report

Mount Constitution

Date: July 5, 2001
Author: Andy Martin

The crux on this one was figuring out the ferry schedule from Anacortes to Orcas Island. Foul this up, and you are in for a mighty cold swim. In any event, 7:40 AM found me bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and 25 (?) dollars poorer on the ferry outbound to Orcas. The 365 days a year rain that bedevils Seattle was strangely absent, so I enjoyed the brisk breeze at the front of the ferry, views of oceanside homes, sailboats, and other items rarely found back at Tucson.

Gung-ho souls might go by bicycle and pedal the roughly 40 miles round trip from Orcas to Mount Constitution and back, but I went by Honda of course. A couple fauns were spotted on the scenic drive. An observation tower is found at the top, with a large outcrop and BM just to the north. The tower was unlocked, so I got some exercise slogging up the stairs. Interesting information is found in the tower about Mr. Moran (Seattle millionaire), of Moran State Park fame. Viewpoints on the tower have signs that identify nearby islands. The view was great, but a bit too misty to see distant peaks clearly.

Imaginative souls could easily plan a whole day sightseeing on the island, but the only thing on my mind was the next county HP of course, so I set off for the ferry. Was back in the ferry auto lineup by 11:00 AM, easily catching the 12:00, thus avoiding a long wait for the next ferry. By the way, those interested in continuing on to Canada were advised to have proof of US citizenship - not sure my drivers license would have done the trick.

Etrex GPS reading at summit BM, sky partly blocked by tower and trees:
(48 deg 40.654 min N, 122 deg 49.873 min W); elevation 2,403 feet