San Juan County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 25, 2008
Author: David Olson

Otherwise known as Mount Constitution (2,407 feet). This is one of the few US county HP efforts that requires a boat. This trip on a Sunday didn't require anything of much note, so this report is mostly a collection of useful facts.

Look here for ferry information.

Fares are more expensive between the first week of May and sometime in October. Mount Constitution is reported to be the only place in the San Juan islands that gets snow. My guess is that it falls and melts over several days, rather than sticks for a whole season. Easily available maps and the road signs are really all one needs to make it to the top.

The website above told me that crossing with my car to Orcas Island would cost $70. I assumed ditto for the return trip. My actuals were $39.00 to Orcas and nothing on the return trip to Anacortes.

I had considered going Memorial Day Monday instead of Sunday. I heard on the radio at noon Monday many reports of hour+ waits at both Anacortes and Orcas to get on the ferry.

Less than two blocks from the ferry dock in Orcas is a place that rents bicycles, mopeds and cars.