San Juan County Highpoint Trip Report

Mount Constitution

Date: May 10, 2008
Author: Ryan Courtney

This failed attempt is mildly humorous and perhaps slightly helpful if everything that can go wrong does. I left a few minutes later than I should have and stopped at a friend's to pick up a bike for the following day's attempt. I kept telling him that I had a ferry to catch. I arrived at the Anacortes tollbooth with just a minute or two to spare. I asked the attendant if I had made it in time for the 6:10 to Orcas (and that I didn't have time to wait for the next) and he told me no problem. Ten seconds later I was told by the person loading the boat that the pilot had decided he wanted to go and I would have to wait. I told the ferry person that I needed a refund and I paid with debit, no refunds available. I was given a "request for refund" to be mailed to the WSF administrative offices in Seattle. (I just mailed it a week or so before writing this - I haven't heard anything yet but I'm sure I will soon.) Granted, my receipt was issued at 6:09 but crossings are getting expensive and if there's any doubt or rigidity in your schedule, I would pay with cash. Round trip fare in peak season 2008 (until mid-October), Wednesday through Saturday, car and driver, is $43.10.

The Washington State Ferries website has full sailing schedules and fare charts in PDF format here.