Skagit County High Point Trip Report

Buckner Mtn

Date: August 24-25, 2000
Author: Bob Packard

Used Cascade Pass Trail, then Sahale Arm, then down steep rock and steep snow field to camp below Buckner. Next day up rock, steep side talus. Crampons off and on crossing snow fields. Did the NE 9112 point first, then went back and did the SW 9114 (est.) point with its register. Forgot to put my hand level in my pack, so couldn't check on the two points. On way back to camp, crossing snow field my crampon caught on a loose pant leg. I went flying. Almost got my ice ax in self arrest position, but force of fall yanked it away from me. Man, was I moving. Fortunately the snow was soft enough that I could slow and finally stop my progress to another world with my crampons without breaking a leg. Not a scratch, but a little shaken. John retrieved my ice ax which was right where my fall had started. I cut off my pant legs and wore long johns. Got back to camp and all the way back out that same day.

Statistics: 24 hours, ? miles, 7600 ft elevation gain
(I don't have the maps to check the distances.)