Snohomish County High Point Trip Report

Glacier Peak (10,541 ft)

Date: July 23-24, 2003
Author: Bob Packard

We camped at Boulder Basin after a 9-hour, 7-mile, 3500-foot gain hike. Next day used the Sitkum Glacier to Sitkum Spire Saddle. Mild glacier, very easy; we didn't even rope up. Jimmie and I went up the gravel ridge to the base of the false summit and Ken used the Scimitar Glacier. We went around the false summit and up onto the true summit on mixed rock-snow field (bucket foot prints). Mazama register and BM at a rock outcrop.

We also went up nearby snow ridges and gravel ridge nearly as high. Got back to camp in time to hike out; last 2 hours after dark with head lamps.

Trip statistics: 26 hours, 18 miles, 8700 feet.

NOTE: Anyone attempting Glacier Peak should read guide books and check with the rangers in Darrington. A good friend, George Winters, is a trail manager for the National Forest at the Darrington Ranger Station. In fact we stayed at his house before and after the climb.