Spokane County Highpoint Trip Report

Mount Spokane

Date: July 21, 2005
Author: Ben Knorr

Mount Spokane is an easy, quick, and completely drivable highpoint (at least in summertime). At the southern end of the top, there are various radio communication facilities as well as a nice restroom area for visitors.

The main parking area is in the middle of the summit, which is a few feet lower than both south and north summits. At first, I thought the south might be a contender for highest point but then, after walking up to the BM in the rocks next to the Vista House, it seemed that it was definitely the highest.

This area appears to be quite popular with Spokane area residents in the summertime. I saw people parked at the top and along the road on the way up (hiking trails I presume). Parking at the top requires a Washington State Parks parking pass. There is a self-service station at the top to put in your $5.00.

Road Directions

From US-2 north of Spokane, turn east on WA2. Continue on WA2 for 19 miles, following signs to Mount Spokane. At 19 miles, turn left at a junction (signed). I forget the mileage here but I'm guessing it is nearly 4 miles from this junction to the top.