Thurston County High Point Trip Report

Date: July 17, 2003
Author: Bill Jacobs

Access via Alder Creek Recreation is closed in the winter and in some years (2001 and 2003) during the summer. As Andy Martin previously described, entry is still possible following a roundabout route on SR74.

From H7, five miles south of Elbe, turn onto SR74 and follow it for 25.7 miles until it comes to a "T". Turn right for 0.35 mile then left for 0.8 mile. It all has gone well, you should be at the junction of 7409/017 as shown on an aged post nearby. Turn left and proceed 0.9 mile to a parking space. The bushes are beginning to encroach on the roads so you may want to consider walking the last two legs. A plastic bottle is at the top with notes from some legendary trekkers: Mitchler, Trapper, Bolton, Big Foot, et al ....