Thurston County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 5, 2003
Author: Dean Molen

This is just a note to let everyone who is interested, know that the gate at the end of the Pleasant Valley road is open. You can disregard the sign at the beginning of the Pleasant Valley road that says the road is closed 3 1/2 miles (meaning the gate) further on.

A narrow paved road takes you around the mountain until you hit gravel at about the 6-mile mark. The key is finding the road that goes left off of the gravel road about a mile or so after you hit the gravel. You'll pass through another gate (open) and it'll be the first road that goes uphill to the left as the gravel road curves to the right (very overgrown but very doable for my Honda Accord - see previous reports). One more left uphill road will take you right up to the end of the road. The place I parked was slightly over 9+ miles from the gate and then a climb up to the ridge allowed me to access the high point. A fun CoHP.