Thurston County Highpoint Trip Report

Quiemuth Peak (2,922 ft)

Date: March 27, 2004
Author: Ken Russell

The Alder Creek gate was open this day. Around 4 to 5 miles in, watch out for a sharp bump where the roadbed has settled. Someone has painted "BUMP" on the pavement as a warning. Stay straight at the intersection 1.2 miles after the pavement ends. FS 7409 will be on the left 0.4 mile farther.

Someone has recently trimmed off the bigger branches and blow downs to make the road more passable. I brought my handsaw and cut a few more so I had no problem reaching the end of spur 017. In a low clearance car, you will still have to negotiate a couple of rough spots and everyone's vehicle will be brushing branches for most of the way.

It was raining, so the scramble to the top was a wet one. I didn't bring my pen or pencil, so I dropped a business card in the register instead.

Thurston County has some interesting information, including 2002 aerial photos and topo maps, on their web site.