Thurston County High Point Trip Report

Quiemuth Peak (2,922 ft)

Date: October 31, 2004
Author: Adam Helman

A quick addendum to existing reports. The Forest Service road FR74 turns from paved to good dirt/gravel at 4.6 miles after the sign announcing road closure through Labor Day. The junction with FR7409 is 5.7 miles after the sign, i.e. 1.1 miles farther.

I have reason to believe that my rental's odometer might be as much as 5% low. Therefore 4.6 miles might be up to 4.9 miles, and, in agreement with Trapper Robbin's mileages, the FR7409 junction might be at 6.0 miles instead of 5.7 miles.

The final two miles along spur road 017 is indeed narrow, with small evergreens guaranteed to get close and personal with your vehicle.

My entire county highpoints trip, including this effort, is described in this report.