Thurston County Highpoint Trip Report

Quiemuth Mountain

Date: April 30, 2006
Author: David Olson

Climbing Quiemuth Mountain, I hadn't had that much work out in a while.

Some notes:

Roads are slow south from Tacoma and Puyallup.

The road net is not as bad as it looks. I took no map with me, just a road log to Elbe and a hand-made map to the mountain top. The turns are pretty obvious.

There is a Forest Service gate at the end of county maintenance, 4 miles from WA Highway 7. It says, "Road closed Memorial Day to Labor Day." There is another gate 4 miles farther, just before the left turn that goes up the gulch to the saddle east of Quiemuth Mountain. The sign there says the same thing. To be researched: whether one can get at Quiemuth by a "back" approach during the summer.

Once at the saddle park at the road fork or park at the first wide spot in the road going left. Any further on that left road and you will have trouble getting up to the ridge and trouble finding where to exit the ridge on your descent.

The good part about the bushwhack is that the route is well defined. The ridge crest projects nicely for most of the trip. The bad part about the bushwhack is the amount of downed timber you will have to contend with.

The bottom part of the route tends to be broad, which has the trap that you might go right past the road fork before you realize that you are going up the other mountain and need to head south-southwest looking for the road. My method was to take a watch and keep track of ascent time and descent time. At descent=ascent it was time to start tending south.