Wahkiakum County Highpoint Trip Report

BM Huckleberry (2,673 ft)

Date: October 16, 2004
Author: Ken Russell

The saga of the lower gate continues.

I tried this one during early archery season first. I believe it was on Saturday, October 2nd. The lower gate was closed. I talked to a couple of elk archers and they told me they didn't think the lower gate was ever open to the public.

I talked to hunters in my office and they suggested trying again when modern firearm season opened. I returned on the first day of deer season, Saturday, October 16th, and found the lower gate open and the roads full of hunters. As I was approaching the locked upper gate, a timber company maintenance worker drove out. He said the upper gate is kept locked at all times but he wasn't certain of the lower gate rules. I guess with a key he didn't have to worry about whether it would be open or shut.

The walk to Huckleberry was easy but wet due to rain. Just as I turned up the spur to the top, I saw a movement on the west side of the clear cut. A lone hunter was looking across at me. I was glad I had my orange vest on. I didn't get close enough to talk to him but the fact that he was 5 miles from where I had parked, made me suspicious that there may a closer place to park. Seems like most firearms hunters don't get too far from their trucks.

Someone might want to explore an approach from the Skamokawa Pass area. It's likely that you would still have to access through the gate at Camp 2.