Walla Walla County High Point Trip Report

Lewis Peak (4,888 ft)

Date: July 8, 2002
Author: Michael Schwartz

See several reports and especially Barney Metz's detailed approach information. Minnick is 7.5 miles east of the weigh station on US 12. Mileage from US 12: Clancy Road 2.1, Mud Creek 4.1, Seaman Road 5.6. The triple junction mentioned by Barney is at 9.8 miles. Less than a mile before this, you pass a triple junction, but two of the roads are gated. At the correct triple junction the two roads to the right are wide-open. Take the far right-hand road. I followed this road to 11.0 miles and a low saddle, at which point a fallen tree blocked the road. This was only about 200 yards short of the locked gate, which was posted. From the looks of the fallen tree and dirt roads, the area receives very little visitation.

The low saddle is 0.38 GPS mile from summit. Quick road walk to summit. BM not found.