Walla Walla County High Point Trip Report

Lewis Peak (4,888 ft)

Date: April 18, 2003
Author: Dean Molen

It isn't necessary to add anything to the fine directions given by Barney Metz and Michael Swartz in their reports. However I can add some pictures to the mix as well as a little commentary on the feasibility of doing it while the snow is still present.

As Trapper Robbins mentions in his report, the area is very seriously posted as "No Trespassing". I did see one vehicle come down from the gated area. They are actively logging in the area during the non snow season (best time to do this one) and I imagine that they are concerned about liability. You can by pass the road barricade by taking a GPS bearing on the summit and going across country up to it, staying off of the roads, but that would be your choice. The best thing to do would be to find out who owns the land and try for permission. I saw no phone numbers listed anywhere. I went ahead and did the climb (snow walk, snow plunging) as I was eager to get this one done since I had given up most of a day to do it. I also felt that at this time of the year (due to the snow) that I wouldn't be in anyone's way (my reasoning, of course).

I had to park my car about a mile short of the saddle that Michael Swartz mentions so overall I had a mile and a quarter to deal with. I took my Honda Accord as far as I felt comfortable and didn't want to get stuck so I hoofed it from that point where I felt I should go no further. It took me an hour up and twenty minutes down.

I didn't stay on top very long as my feet were starting to get wet but I did take the time and effort to touch each of the two points that looked like they were the highest point of land on the top of this somewhat rounded peak, and to get GPS readings. I could see a couple of slash piles but no luck on trying to find the BM. Good views back down towards Waitsburg and I imagine this would be a rather boring hike during the warmer months. I hope to do some homework on this one and find out if the owners will allow CoHp'ers access since I live in the neighboring county and if I get any additional information to share, I'll post it under one of my pictures.