Yakima County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: June 10, 2007
Author: Shannon Dillmore

Weather was forecast to be lousy and it was. Our plan was to try to climb above the bad weather, camp at the Lunch Counter, and possibly make a summit attempt the next day. We didn't know what the weather was like above 6,000 feet due to the clouds but figured we'd give it a shot. Due to circumstances beyond our control, by the time we checked in at the ranger station and arrived at the trailhead (which due to recent snowmelt had just become passable by car), it was 3:30 pm.

The trail was snow-free for about a mile but deep snow quickly followed. The weather was getting worse and visibility was dropping quickly as a wet snow moved in. We got to timberline around 6:15, where the rocky outcrop just south of the Crescent Glacier was visible. The rock quickly disappeared into the clouds and we soon could see no further than 20 yards. We considered camping there for the night but the poor forecast for the next day, coupled with increasing wind and precipitation, made us realize that a summit the next day would be unlikely. Reluctantly, we returned to the car and drove back to northern Oregon.