Barron County Highpoint Trip Report

two unnamed areas in Blue Hills (1,630+ ft)

Date: May 30, 2005
Author: Mark Ness

Barron County's two highpoint areas are located in Section 25 of Doyle Township. The Blue Hills contain both the four Rusk County highpoint areas and the two Barron County highpoint areas.

From the intersection of County Road D and State Highway 48 north of Birchwood in the southeast corner of Washburn County, I drove south on S.H. 48 for 9.57 miles and turned left onto C.R. NN where S.H. 48 curved west. I drove south on C.R. NN for 1.35 miles and turned left onto C.R. C. I drove south and then east on C for 4.2 miles and turned right onto a dead end road just east of the high point pair. I drove south on the dead end road for 0.45 mile and parked on the west side of the road next to a private "No Trespassing" driveway.

I walked on a woods road, which was an extension of the driveway to that abandoned farm. The road cut across the southern part of that first area so, when it crested, I started bushwhacking north along the central ridge. The woods were fairly sparse so I could see rise and fall through most of the area, though it was mostly flat. I then walked on the southern part of the contour. I spent about 22 minutes walking around the area until I felt I hit it.

I got back on the woods road and continued west to the other area. It, too, was a large, wooded area, with the westernmost part on an occupied farm. I walked on the road all the way to the farm, walked around the woods and the place.

I return to my car in 9 minutes, a total of about 45 minutes.