Bayfield County High Point Trip Report

Mt Telemark (1,700+ ft)

Date: June 26, 2001
Author: Richard L. Carey

Bayfield County is in northwestern Wisconsin and the northern part is next to Lake Superior. The highest point is a small mountain in a ski area east of the town of Cable.

Driving/Hiking Directions

Drive north or south on route 63 to the town of Cable. From here turn east on county route M and drive for 2.3 miles to a turn on the right with a sign for the Telemark Resort. This turn is also 17.6 miles west on route M from Clam Lake. Turn right here and drive south passing a golf course at about 1.7 miles. At 1.8 miles turn left on a road that has a sign for the Valhalla Townhomes. After about 200 feet on this road, go right at a junction and drive past a sand works to a paved parking area. This secluded parking area doesn't seem to be used much and is a good spot to start the hike to the summit. Walk southwest on an old dirt road to what appears to be an abandoned ski lift hut. From there follow the tow lift towers up the steep hill to the high point that has some radio towers and an airport beacon. The green picnic table seems to be about the highest point and has nice views. This route is about one third of a mile and takes about 20 minutes. The map of the summit is Cable, Wis., 1976. The trailhead is on the next map to the east.

UTM coordinates for the parking area and summit -

15T 635335E, 5115873N Park here near the Valhalla Townhomes.
15T 634858E, 5115573N Mount Telemark summit by green picnic table.