Chippewa County Highpoint Trip Report

three areas on Flambeau Ridge (1,530+ ft)

Date: April 18, 2005
Author: Mark Ness

Chippewa County's three high point areas are located in Sections 2 and 3 of Birch Creek Township.

From the intersection of State Highways 27 & 194 and County Road D, I drove west on C.R. D for 5.35 miles, and turned left onto a gravel road. I drove south on that road for 0.95 miles to a point where 305th Ave turns west, and straight ahead is a private driveway.

A sign on the Private Driveway forbade vehicle traffic. I parked near that sign, but left room in case someone wanted to drive up the road.

I walked up the road and turned right where it splits. Just past that was a locked gate. As I approached the gate, a barking dog appeared. It preceded me to the first area, which was directly underneath a lookout tower -- 14 minutes hiking time.

area 2

From area 1, I followed paths to area 2, which was on a woods path -- 7 minutes hiking time.

From area 2, I hiked back to the locked gate, then east on the road split, through a locked green gate, then left onto a trail near another tower. Shortly after that, the trail ended, and I bushwhacked through the woods.

area 3

Area 3 is deep into the woods, but near a farmplace (not shown on the topo map). A little lower than the summit is a benchmark.

I hiked back approximately on the same path, and back down the private road to my car. On the way down, I met the fire tower caretaker, who was driving up the road. He wanted to know why I was there, and I told him that I was looking for the Chippewa County highoint. He understood.

I made it back to my car after 51 minutes on the trail.