Dane County Highpoint Trip Report

Blue Mounds (1,489 ft)

Date: July 26, 2007
Author: anonymous

In his recent very-mini-report, Andy Martin mentions an "odd dirt mound" as probably being manmade. I think we can be pretty certain that it is. I walked out through a grassy and brushy field to the dirt pile in question and on the south side I found a fairly fresh bulldozer track where more dirt had been pushed up. This mound rises about 10 feet above the field but, as noted, it's not natural.

The 1,489 foot spot elevation was just a short distance (50 feet or so) east of the paved county road. The 1,480 foot contour extends west of the road and contains a fairly new house, not shown on the topo. There is an oblong area in the front yard that rises several feet above the surrounding lawn but two pipes protruding from it testify to its manmade origin.