Douglas County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 28, 2001
Author: Bob Wirth

I had heard that the tower site had been visited by a few people but not the second spot SE of Chaffey School. After talking to one homeowner whose land was directly in line with the hp, he gave me incorrect information that the highest point was on land owned by the Anderson family about 1 mile north. I tried to tell him he was mistaken, even showing him on the map that his home was higher than the Anderson spot, but he insisted.

So I drove just 1/4 mile north to next road and talked with a man at the first home on the right. He would allow me to cross his land but this required crossing other's land as well as a swampy area. He said to try at the home next to the highway between Kunz Rd, and the open land just to the south. It is owned by the Stopey family, but is hardly ever used. He said they're very friendly and would probably let me cross. They weren't there as was expected. Since it was becoming foggy and late I simply hiked to the cohp.

Follow grass drive between home and garage, past junked cars and take the two-track entering woods by old appliances on left. From there just make your way easterly over one low knob and through two wet areas. Look for pink or red marking tape for an old ATV path. I followed this east then south to where I came within 100 ft of the county highpoint. There is a dead standing tree with numerous woodpecker holes to indicate correct spot. Be mindful of backtracking. I became disoriented for about 45 min, eventually coming back out to the open area across from the junked cars.