Douglas County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 18, 2001
Author: Michael Schwartz

USGS BM at Summit Lookout Tower (1,369 ft)

I followed the USGS data sheet approach from the east, but the easiest approach is to take Tower Fire Lane (sic) east 1.9 muddy miles from WI 35 to the grassy woods road that goes SE to the summit. Tower Fire Lane is about 2.6 miles south of the very prominent microwave tower on WI 35. Drive or hike an easy 1/4 mile to the summit. The BM is centered among the four remnant concrete tower supports. The BM under the tower is a vertical control point measured at 1369.5 feet. The other area in Douglas County is a tiny 1360+ foot closed contour on a summit with no unusual pinnacles or boulders, so there is no way it even reaches 1365', much less comes close to 1369'. Trip report for the other area follows, but it is a waste of time to visit, in my opinion.

one tiny area 7/8 mile SE of Chaffey School (1,360+ ft)

For those who choose to waste time. I used Bob Wirth's report and checked out the Stopey family house, but this time it was occupied, and I was not in a door-knocking mood. I first drove east on Kuntz Road which heads east from spot elevation 1288, but dead ends at a private home, heavily posted. I then drove north on WI 35 and headed east about 1/2 mile on Carlson Road (0.8 miles south of the microwave tower on WI 35 and 1/2 mile north of Kuntz Rd.) to a crest at mailbox #2753A. I parked a bit further east at a low spot east of posted land. Witness posts for a WI survey marker are just east of here. I hiked south along the east side of the low ridge, soon picking up the faint remnants of the jeep road shown on the topo. Took this past some buildings and into a wet area. High ground was very dimly visible to the SE, so I bushwhacked across the tufty grass to a significant hill and a short climb to the summit. Some signs of civilization could be seen to the west, probably some of the stuff mentioned in Bob Wirth's report. After I returned to the car and was writing my field notes, a John Eastman, who owns the first house on the south side of Carlson Road past where I parked, drove up on an ATV to check me out. Turns out his wife was sufficiently concerned by an unattended car with NJ plates that she had called the police. I found out on my return to NJ that the police had called the place from which I rented the car to verify that everything was on the up and up. I asked him if permission could be gotten to hike to the high point, and he hemmed and hawed, saying his wife was very nervous about letting people on their land. Mr. Eastman remained noncommittal until we parted company, and it was left that I should return the next day and revisit the subject of permission. He also mentioned that the high point knob is county land, but that there is no public easement for access. The land just to the west is owned by a Glenn Schultz, who has it heavily posted. Another reason to skip this second Douglas County area.