Florence County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 27, 2001
Authors: Wendy Hecht and Jobe Wymore

The starting point is key in this trip report. Make sure you get to the northernmost of the junctions of WI70 and WI139 -- the one that is closest to the Michigan border. Once there, set the odometer and head north on WI139 for 0.7 mile until you reach the junction of FR2452/Wisconsin Creek Road, which will be on your right. Set the odometer once again and head east on FR2452. After going 0.5 mile, the pavement turns into a good dirt road and at approximately 2.7 miles it actually crosses over Wisconsin Creek. You'll reach a stop sign at mile 4.2 with Daumitz Road (not labeled). Continue straight/east which is now FR2152. Soon after, at mile 4.9, you'll reach a "Y" intersection with a grass island. Keep going straight/east on FR2443. The forest roads that you were previously on curve to your right at the before mentioned intersections if I remember right (?). Anyway, at mile 5.7 take a left and head north on FR2446. When our odometer was reading 9.6 we saw a little dirt road spur off the main dirt tract we were on, to our left. Got to keep your eye out for this one. This is where we parked and if you want to follow this trip report, this is where you need to get out too.

We got out and wandered down the track westward. After what seemed like about 250-300 yards, it swung uphill and veered to are left and gained a little elevation. Stay on the track as it gradually climbs and then gradually levels out. Once you feel like it isn't gaining elevation anymore, hop off because you have reached the general area of the HP. Wander around and hit all the minor bumps till you feel you have nabbed the HP.