Jackson County Highpoint Trip Report

Saddle Mound and two unnamed areas (1,400+ ft)

Dates: March 25 and April 17, 2005
Author: Mark Ness

Jackson County's 3 high point areas are located in Section 16 of Cleveland Township and Sections 28-33 of City Point Township.

area 1: Saddle Mound

My visit to this point was quite fortuitous. My wife and I were on our way to a funeral in Wisconsin Rapids on March 25, and I noticed that I had marked a high point in my atlas just off the road on our route. I had not researched this high point, because I was not planning to visit it on this trip, but we decided that I had enough time before the funeral to attempt it, so I agreed to try.

I presume that one could ascend this mound from any angle. We were going east on State Highway 54, and chose to turn north onto Pray Road. We drove north on Pray for about 1/4 mile, and turned a sharp right onto an unnamed gravel road. We watched the hill as we drove southeast on that road, and parked as near to the top as we thought possible.

I walked up the snowy slope, grabbing on to trees, rocks, or whatever would keep me from falling. I got to the east-west trending summit ridge and looked left and right. To the left was downhill, but to the right was a large boulder collection, so I walked on the ridge to that. The direct approach was too steep, so I walked around the south side of it and hiked up the side to the top.

There is a benchmark in an open area, which is on the highest ground. I also stepped on some high ground about 20 feet away in the woods. There is a tower nearby, with a ladder to the top. Had I not been in a hurry, I would have climbed it. The summit ridge continues downslope to the east, a fairly gentle descent to appearances, but I didn't follow it.

I went down mostly the same way, 28 minutes round trip. We then went on the funeral, and eventually home.

areas 2 and 3

April 17. From StageCoach Road, which goes past the Eau Claire County high point areas, I took a left turn onto McGower, then a sharp right onto Town Hall. I drove south on Town Hall for 3.23 miles and turned into driveway N13301.

I parked at the end of the driveway between two houses. I knocked on each door, but received no response.

I followed grass paths to an evergreen grove. There was almost no brush between the trees.

I continued northwest toward area 2. I arrived at area 2 in 16 minutes.

I continued my northwestern advance to area 3, and arrived there in 8 more minutes.

I took the same way down, except that I passed area 2 on its right side.

42 minutes total hiking time for areas 2 and 3.