Jackson County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 27, 2007
Author: Michael Schwartz

Saddle Mound (1,400+ ft)

We approached westbound on WI 54 and turned right (northwest) onto Saddle Mountain Road, shown on Delorme as connecting to Pray Road. The bluff is obvious to your right. See a faint track road in about 1/4 mile and a better woods road a short distance further north. Park there and hike up the woods road a short distance until you see what looks like a large pullout on the left. At the top of the pullout a good trail leads steeply uphill to the lookout tower. Enjoy the stone steps and neat bypass of a cliff face. Watch in awe as your 77 year-old hiking companion is the only person in the group with enough nerve to climb the tower on a rung ladder.

areas 2 and 3 (1,400+ ft)

We used Mark Ness's approach directions but found the landowner at home and were refused access. He is concerned about liability and does not want a lot of visitors on his property. He did agree to escort visitors to the summit knobs in the future but at his convenience, in cooler weather (non-hunting season), and only if the visit is arranged in advance. Contact me for name and phone number. Note that the Eau Claire County highpoints are nearby.