Jackson County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: August 2007
Author: Doug Urban

After we finished Saddle Mound in Jackson County, Walt informed me that we had to do the other county highpoint in order for Jackson county to count. Being new to county highpointing, I was not aware of this other highpoint. We drove to a library and did some research in order to find out where the other highpoint was located. We decided where it was and figured we had time to do it before we had to return to the Highpointers Convention.

We found the road that would take us near the highpoint and met a gentleman who was picking berries. He told us where the highpoint was. We asked him if we needed to ask permission to go on the property. He said no, the owners are not around and they won't mind anyway. We parked and hiked to the highpoint.

It was a steep hike and we had to go through some thick brush to get to it. When we came down we found a pick-up truck parked behind our vehicle and an angry looking dude standing by it that we nicknamed "Bubba". Bubba asked us what we were doing and we explained our strange hobby to him. He seemed satisfied that we weren't hunting or doing harm to his woods and left. When we returned to the convention we talked to other county highpointers who had met Bubba earlier in the day and had not received permission to access his land. They seemed a bit jealous that we had reached the highpoint. I guess it paid to be a bit naive and also caught on the way down. We all laughed about our encounter with Bubba later on but it was kind of scary at the time.