Marathon County High Point Trip Report

Rib Mountain - USGS BM 1924 (1,924 ft)

Date: October 27, 2000
Author: Mike Schwartz

Take exit 188 from US 51 for Rib Mountain State Park (not exit 190 for Rib Mountain Ski Area). Follow county road N west, which leads to the state park. Admission for one hour is $3, more for longer stays. Drive almost to the summit, which has a 60' observation tower, and the USGS BM nearby. The big surprise is that the true summit is atop a large outcrop (at least 20' high, in my estimation) of very slippery quartzite, just east of the tower. A sign indicates the elevation of the highest point as 1940 ft. Considering its significantly higher elevation than the BM, the 1940' elevation may be correct, which would make this the second highest county in WI, topping Sugarbush Hill in Forest County by one foot. The outcrop is climbable, but I had to put on running shoes for better traction, and a pair of friction rock climbing shoes would be better yet. Things get a little dicey on top, and I was just able to stretch a hand to touch the top. Anyone shorter than 5' 10" should bring something to stand on, or be willing to scramble onto the very exposed uppermost rock.