Marquette County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 22, 2000
Author: Wendy Hecht

This is a high heavily-wooded mound in a series of mounds along a ridge. From Hwy. 51/Int. 39 north, exit at Westfield and turn west on Hwy. E. Travel 0.4 miles to Hwys. M/CH and turn north, then turn west in 1.1 miles when the two roads split, continuing on M. Go 6 miles and turn north on 2nd Lane (also marked with Trails End Campground sign). You will see the series of mounds slightly north and west from here. Drive 0.4 miles and turn west on Dixie Dr., which is a dead end. The highest mound is near the end of the road and closest to the second-to-last gate (blue) which has an old house and many cars nearby. Looks unoccupied and has fire number Springfield W8468. I stopped a couple driving a tractor who were very friendly and used to have the highest mound in their family ownership. The area is said to be parceled out to numerous owners now and they thought this mound was owned by a man named Mike Witowski (spelling?) who is reported to pursue trespassing tickets for people who travel on his property without his escort. He doesn't live on this property but is in a tan house on 4th Drive (not Avenue) between Duck Creek Rd. and Dyke Ct. in the same area. He was not home, so I got this couple's permission to enter another neighbor's drive who are absentee owners. I entered at fire number Springfield W8468 and followed a series of jeep roads and bushwhacked through the mixed forest and scrub over the two mounds that stood in the way of the highest one. The highest mound is heavily wooded and has a view off to the west. Wear long sleeves and pants on this one as there are many brambles!