Menominee County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 2000
Author: John Mitchler

This HP has twelve areas and it was impossible to tell which was highest, even with no vegetation and snow on the ground. The entire county is the Menominee Indian Nation, but no travel restrictions were posted. All areas lie conveniently along the north county line, but to attack them requires two approaches because Rabe Creek flows between them.

Approach #1

South of Antigo, On US45/WI52, go east on WI47 for 6 miles and then turn north on CR S. Go 5 miles on CR S (including an east dog-leg) to Hill Road. Go east on Hill Road for 1.5 miles to Mayking Road and stop. This is the northwest corner of Menominee County. The countryside is farmland, but the wooded land east of Mayking Rd is Indian owned. From the corner, walk southeast into the large contour area and wander in the very flat woods. Overall I suspect that the corner of the county is highest, but there's no way to prove that, even with hand-level. Thus Lobdellization is required; as well as a visit to the other smaller areas. To do that, drive or walk Hill Road 0.5 miles east of the intersection with Mayking Road. Where Hill Road angles north there is a gate across the road. Park.

Immediately east of the gate, turn south into woods and mount the small but distinct hillock beside the road. Continue walking southeast to another area which has a highest point in the center. Continue northeast back to the county line to yet another area. The highest points of that area seem to be at the west edge along the county line and at the far southeast edge deep in the woods. At this point, open fields lie to the north in Langlade County. Hunter stands are everywhere. Continue east along the barb wire fence that marks the county line and find the five additional areas. Congratulations, you've now visited 9 of the 12 areas. If you proceed further east, you'll descend 20' to the marshy bottomland of Rabe Creek. A old logging road will be evident at the bottom of the hill.

Approach #2

Drive WI47 east of US45 to the Langlade-Menominee County line. Take a photo of the interesting signs there. From the county line, go 2.5 miles east on WI47 and turn left (north) onto Bass Lake Road (gravel) that extends deep into the north part of the reservation. Watch for Pig Pen Road on your left (west) after 3.5 miles from WI47. At mile 7.4 watch for a gravel pit on your left (northwest) which is actually just a gouge in a hillside. Park.

Along Bass Lake Rd (shown as Upper Bass Lake Rd in the DeLorme), we saw hunters and they were all Indians. From the gravel pit, walk east along Bass Lake Road and take the first dirt road on the left (northwest). This road is muddy in spots and may have deadfall.

After a quarter mile, take the road on the right (northeast) and walk an additional 3/4 mile until the road bends to the east. Leave the road on the left and walk north to find the old barb wire fence of the county line. This area (#10 of 12) is extremely flat. Walk back to the road and continue east on it. Turn off to the left before the road goes south. The final two areas lie east of here. The area is extremely flat and wooded. Retrace your steps back to the car.

Some Menominee Thoughts

Avoid Menominee County in the summer when vegetation makes route finding difficult. Avoid it during hunting season. We thought we were safe being inside the reservation, but the Indians hunt too. Take a compass (as you should ALWAYS do) to help orient yourself in the woods. Hand-levels are useless. Allow 4 hours (includes lunch break). I suppose I can count this not only as a county highpoint and Indian reservation highpoint, but also as a nation highpoint.