Milwaukee County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas - 1/2 mile west and 0.7 mile west southwest (on county line) of Whitnall High School

Date: September 14, 2004
Author: Michael Schwartz

The larger liner highpoint is in the area where South 124th Street crosses over I-43. Park at a pullout on the west side of 124th just south of the freeway. You'll see that the freeway sits in a large cut into the hill, which trends generally uphill west of the county line. There has been some berming due to the freeway construction but you can visualize the original look of the hillside. I thought the highest ground, natural or otherwise, was just south of the I-43 overpass.

For the smaller second area, drive east opposite the pullout onto West Bernard Avenue, then circle the block bounded by 122nd Street, 123rd Street, and Holmes Avenue. There's a slight rise behind the southernmost homes on 122nd Street but nothing comparable in elevation to the area up at the liner. I suspect the bump was leveled off during construction of the homes.