Oconto County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 27, 2001
Authors: Wendy Hecht & Jobe Wymore

Get to the north side of Carter on WI32 and look for Elliot Road which is on the west side of the street. Set the odometer and this point and head on down. You'll pass a cemetery and at about 1.2 miles look for the road you are on to reach a house on your right and a lesser dirt road to extend straight. Continue on the dirt road and stick with it as it weaves a bit until, at mile 1.7 from where you left WI32, a lesser dirt road is on the left heading more or less south. There is a little spot where you can park at this point.

From here the fun begins and a map is critical. No map? No summit. Head south on the dirt road and about 200 or so yards later the road splits. Take the left option and shortly thereafter it will deposit you into an old logged-over area. The map shows this area to be a little marshy and I'm sure, if it was rainy out, it very well could be.

At this point you should notice that the higher ground you are aiming for is tree covered and is actually a long gentle ridge trending southwest. The high point is about 3/4 of a mile away. We struck out 150 or so yards farther through the logged area southwest before heading due south in the direction of the HP area, through the trees, marking our way with surveyors ribbon as to be sure to find our way back. The incline is gentle, but steady, and 3 logging roads heading east-west are crossed en route to highest area.

This is one that you have to feel your way about and constantly cross reference the map en route. HP is tree covered and anticlimactic. Returned same route.