Oneida County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: July 27, 2003
Authors: Trapper Robbins and Roxanne Everett

This COHP is a very pleasant woodland walk.

From the intersection of road D and highway 17, go 1 mile south on route 17. Turn left (east) on dirt Shingle Mill Road, unmarked at junction but there is an Oneida County Forest sign with road name 50 yards in on road. (If you get to Stefanez Road, you have gone 1 mile too far south on highway 17.) Drive 1.7 miles to a dirt lane on the right (south), near BM 1747 on USGS map (we found the BM near a birch tree on a little mound 10 feet from the road junction on the east side). Passenger cars should probably park here; high clearance 4WD could go farther.

From BM 1747, take the right (south) turn off Shingle Mill Road and follow progressively smaller and fainter roads. We went right (straight) at 1st junction; left at 2nd junction; and right at the 3rd faint junction near the high area of road. The two COHP candidates are on the right (southwest) after this last junction.

We traversed both HP areas, both "arms" of the southern area, etc.... The southern area seemed higher to us with two likely HP candidates within that: one in the middle of the southern area and one at the end of the long southeast arm.

Round trip from Shingle Mill Road is 1.4 miles.